Educational Video CDs

                  Uncle Professor is a series of educational VCD products from Labour India.

Uncle Professor, a virtual teacher who explains various subjects with illustrations and animations. Uncle Professor covers a vast array of topics related to general awareness as well as syllabus- based subjects like physics, biology, and chemistry and so on. Students can easily benefit from these visual presentations as various scientific processes can be directly viewed and understood.


  • Gives clear details about all the topics related to the general awareness as well as syllabus-based subjects

  • Features splendid animations which provide an insight into a number of cosmic phenomena

  • Uncle Professor illustrates subjects with attractive images and pictures which help the students comprehend the varied features of the covered subjects.

  • Each topic will be covered with suitable background music.

System Requirements

Normal VCD player connected to TV or Computer with normal CD ROM Drive and Speaker.

 Price: Rs 70/-

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