The universe has ever been an inspiring mystery for humans. The more we advance towards the truths of the universe, the more it amazes us. Scientific progress and discoveries have only motivated manís desperate pursuit of knowledge. This CD presents almost all fascinating celestial phenomena ever known to us through animations, graphics, video clips and images. The details are narrated in simple and lucid language and hours of voice-over


  • Gives clear details about all the topics related to the solar system and the universe.

  • Features splendid animations which provide an insight into a number of cosmic phenomena.

  • Attractive image and pictures help comprehend several features of the heavenly bodies.

  • Lucid texts, simple and easy narratives, accurate illustrations and audio clarity make it a wonderful learning experience.


System Requirements

Computer: At least PIII (PIV recommended) Multimedia System. Screen resolution: 800*600 pixels True color 24 bit. Hard Disk:100 MB free space.CD ROM Drive: At least 32X drive required. Speaker any speaker with amplifier.OS: Windows 98 or above. Minimum 128 RAM.

 Price:Rs 250/-

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