Interactive CDs and DVDs play an important role in making education a lively and interesting process. The most popular visual travelogue serial ‘Sancharam', presented

by Labour India, is being telecast in Asianet channel, every week.

Now ‘Sancharam’ is available in the form of CDs and DVDs. These CDs and DVDs which deal with the history, culture, geography etc of different countries are

actually caskets of knowledge to be purchased and

preserved by the student community.

Mr. Santhosh George Kulangara, the Managing Director of Labour India,

has made a solo visit to more than 75 countries and Antarctica and filmed the

serial ‘Sancharam’. He has acted the double role of the

photographer and the Director of the serial

successfully well, a rare feat achieved by

nobody else hitherto. The CDs and DVDs available now,

contain various features of 24 countries.

Sancharam has already bagged many

prestigious awards like RAPA Award,

Akshaya Puraskar and the Critics Award.
It also bagged a place in the prestigious LIMCA book of records.
For more details, visit sancharam website


8 sets of DVDs are available now. Click here




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