Labour India Educational Research Centre is equipped with an excellent production division. Around 250 trained personnel work in this department under the leadership of a senior manager and supervisors.

The production division makes use of cutting edge technologies and sophisticated equipments for the making of world class educational products. These include satellite web offset press, which can print around 20000 copies per hour, sheetfed presses, fourhigh machines, flowline machines and so on.

Around 15 binding units and 2 cutting units are functioning in connection with the production unit. About 15 lakh copies are being produced and despatched every month from here. The despatch division under the production department also renders commendable service in this regard. Charged with a sense of duty, they are working for spreading the message of Labour India to each and every corner of the country.








Dominant single colour sheet fed offset printing machine used for printing covers having 10000 copies/hour.

Web offset press used for printing inner forums having capacity of 16000 copies/hour.


Flowline - "Stitch Star" system to switch 5mm thick complete with five auto feeders can stitch and trim 3000 copies /hour used for binding and cutting.

Hot melt digital perfect binder used for binding books like Quiz India, General products and CBSE magazines having capacity to produce 3000 copies/hour.


Cutting machine used for cutting with a magazine production capacity of 12000 copies/hour.

4Hi tower web offset machine can print 4 colour with cutting facility. This can print 30000 copies/hour.


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