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Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein -a great man who revolutionised the world of Science. He is very much known for his theory of relativity. As we all know, his equation E=mc2 heralded the nuclear age.

         With the pictorial biography,a timeline on Einstein's life and rare scenes from his eventful life are also given. Giant strides in Physical Science in the last Hundred Years-a special article also appears in the pages.

Price Rs:30/-


Rabindranath Tagore

   India's greatest poet, who got Nobel prize for literature for the first time in  the whole continent of Asia, is always an inspiration to all of us.      In this pictorial biography we present Tagore's life in a neat and comprehensive way. Other than it,a timeline on his life, rare photographs from his life are also included. Some additional information on Tagore is also provided.      It is beyond doubt that this book will be a treasure to your library

Price Rs:30/-



Helen Keller

      Hellen Keller is always a wonder for all of us.She was blind,deaf and dumb. Even then she became a star in our world. She was very much confident about life. She is ranked among one of the great personalities.

       This pictorial biography is on Helen Keller. A timeline on her life, a special note on Helen Keller,some rare photographs and a note on Braille are also provided in this book.


Price Rs:30/-

Mahatma Gandhi

     The man who changed India- The Father of our Nation -Mahatma Gandhi is an all time hero of the world. His life inspires us highly.

     We are presenting his life in a pictorial form in this book; A timeline of his life, some rare photographs, his visions are also included in this book. Quotations of great people like Tagore,Einstein etc. on Gandhiji are also provided.

Price Rs:30/-


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