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Pictorial Biographical Series

The lives of great men and women always provide inspiration for both young and old alike. The Labour India Educational Research Centre, on realizing that such a presentation of the stories will be highly beneficial to the students in Kerala, is publishing a pictorial biographical series. Mahatma Gandhi is the first book in this series. We have tried our best to make it a reference text by including all the important events  in Gandhiji’s life. Price Rs. 25/-



Solar System

The solar system is the family of the sun, of which our earth is a member. The mysteries of this family will rouse excitement and curiosity in everyone. This piece of work, bearing numerous illustrations, presents before you, in a simple way, the surprising scientific details about the sun, the planets and the satellites.

Price Rs. 30/-



Students' Album

Students' Album enables the students to carry out their learning activities successfully. There are pictures accompanied by short notes which every student should know and be familiar with, on various subjects. It is prepared in such a way that it will be beneficial to the students to conduct further activities by collecting more pictures and information. The blank spaces on each sheet can be made use of for this purpose.Price Rs. 30/-

Practical English Grammar - Made Easy

English has become a universal language today. It has gained importance as a language of trade and commerce, science and diplomacy. A good command of this language provides one with an edge over others, and paves the way for success. Here is a grammar book which will enable the learner to grasp the fundamentals of English language.

Price Rs. 60/-

Flora Medicus: Common Medicinal Plants

Everyone should be able to recognise medicinal plants. This book will help you   recognise, protect and make use of medicinal plants. It consists of colourful pictures, brief descriptions, and a note  on the uses of each of eighty such herbs. This book will enable you to successfully carry out the various projects, seminars and assignments that form a part of the new syllabus. Price Rs. 40/-

Our writers and cultural leaders
This book, with its superior quality photographs and short descriptions would prove to be a boon to students, teachers and all those thirsting for knowledge. The album has been divided into genres such as poetry, novel,criticism, drama, and other miscellaneous items.  Also included is a list of the winners of awards such as Jnanpith, Kendra Sahitya Akademy, Kerala Sahitya Akademy etc. Mention of the Ezhuthachan Puraskaram, Vallathol Samman, Vayalar Award also adds to the utility of this book. Price Rs. 40/-

World Classic Series

Introducing world classics in a simple, readable style to the students- this is what Labour India Educational  Research Centre aims at through the publication of a series of books titled 'World Classic Series'. It is also well-intended to make available to our youth these excellent works of literature at a very reasonable price. This series includes 10 world classics that are retold in this manner.

Colouring Book

This book has been scientifically developed, keeping in mind the need for the development of the gross motor, writing, colouring, identification, and visual discrimination skills in a child. Gift your child with this invaluable present from the treasure trove of Labour India Educational Research Centre.  

Price Rs. 25/-



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