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Map kit

An exam-centred study kit which helps in the collection of information along with many other activities. A collection of maps of the world, India and Kerala which is an invaluable asset to students from classes V to X in accordance with the new syllabus for social science. Also included are 14 outline maps and sufficient space to  record data; immensely useful for further studies as well. Price Rs. 20/-

Quiz India Yearbook (Eng. & Mal.)


Quiz India Yearbook is designed as a reference book for continuous references and studies. It is a complete general knowledge manual, which contains not only the routine quizzes but also the detailed information on various subjects. Various topics, which every student should know about, like the countries of the world, scientific achievements, secrets of the universe, milestones in history etc, have been included and arranged scientifically. Quiz India 2012-2013 is now available in Malayalam and English languages. Price Rs. 100/-

Ente Keralam

In this book Labour India Educational Research Centre tries to explore this wonderful state with the help of the various maps available on Kerala. Included in this book are various maps that depict in detail the physiography, agriculture, rivers, various power projects, railway network, mineral wealth, roads, water distribution, climate, backwaters, lakes, and types of soil of Kerala. Such pieces of information on Kerala are sequentially arranged so that quick reference is made possible. Price Rs. 35/-

Pictorial Travelogue

 This book  is a pictorial travelogue. It shows pictorially each thing that is being described in Sancharam, a televised visual travelogue. This travelogue is the outcome of the solo travels made by Mr. Santhosh George Kulangara, Managing Director of the Labour India Group. This book  consists of the snaps taken by Mr. Santhosh George Kulangara during his travels. It also contains the complete script of each connected episode of Sancharam.

Price Rs. 30/-

The Human Body (Eng.& Mal.)

This book consisting of the illustrated descriptions of the organ systems will enthuse not only the students but also the teachers and parents. We believe that the various diagrams would be helpful to the students for improving their scholastic abilities, as well as for doing activities related to the making of charts, collection work, projects, seminars and so on.

Price Rs. 30/-


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