Kids Own Bank (KOB) - Developing self-reliance among kids

KOB or Kids Own Bank is a unique programme promoted by  Labour India .This programme is brought to the child in order to inculcate in him a tendency to 'Save' and buy items which are beneficial to him. In the youth,the urge to spend is predominant as they are pulled in to a spending spree by the colourful advertisements. Labour India has brought out this programme with a missionary zeal, as it believes in inculcating basic values in a child and helping him to become a better person.

In Europe and America everyone admires the educational systems as they make people experts in their chosen field. How do most of them go about achieving this expertise? It is done through training and by going through various educational materials. They buy these items by working in their spare time and earning. Once they achieve their goals, they have the added satisfaction of saying, "I did it with my effort money". The same feeling of ĎSelf Achievementí is being given to a child when he saves coins to buy a product which is of immense help to him in his education. The advantage of best quality educational materials brought out by the premier educational research centre in India will be of immense help to child .

How DO children achieve these great goals of self actualization? . Every parent would be anxious to provide their children the best education possible and are willing to pay for it. But in these instance, the children are not going to tax the pocket of the parent as they will be utilizing only the coins , often left alone or are not used usually. This means 'domestic budget is not affected'  but the effort is a rewarding one for the child as any purchase over Rs.30/- (Rupees Thirty only) guarantees him a prize.

How to Join the Programme

The programme has started in all Districts of Kerala. The distribution of KOB is done by Labour India Rural Employment Project representative called Development Officer (DO). The cost of application for joining the programme is Rs.10/- .On payment of the prescribed fees and filling up the application form a saving box is provided, which is sealed by a sticker . Every month on the prescribed date, the DO will visit the house, collect cash and take order. It  will be delivered within 15 Days along with gift. Please remember, if the sticker is found to be torn or damaged, the eligibility for prize is lost.


Special Offer

Suppose,the order for the products are above Rs.100/- during the month of September , October and November. Then a lucky child along with his parents can spend 2 Days and one night at Ootty . The second prize  will be 3 tickets to Veega Land for 3 Persons (2 Nos).The Third Prize will be books worth Rs.500/- to 10 children. If you are not among the lucky prize winners, donít worry as there will be consolation prizes of Labour India Products worth Rs.50/-.   



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