Labour India now brings out Educational Journals for classes ranging from pre-primary to Plus Two following the Kerala Syllabus. All these are comprehensive Educational Journals catering to the wholesome development of the children.

Each of these is divided into 10 or 11 monthly editions which include relevant chapters from all subjects,  to be studied in a particular month. This approach ensures sufficient attention to each lesson and all things related to each are analysed in detail. Special care has been given to make the content most simple and lucid. All the possible questions and answers, exercises, activities and so on are given along with textual questions. Labour India has always been keen to update the text books by providing additional and latest information regarding different subjects. In that sense also these journals serve as a complete learning aid and reference material for the students, teachers and even parents.

These journals also include items such as tips for positive attitude, success in life and exams, brief biographies of great men from all fields ,puzzles, career guidance columns, articles on entertainment and so on.

All these research and development activities are done in the well-equipped, state-of-the-art educational research centre at Labour India complex. Material is prepared and scrutinised by eminent and experienced teachers, children's writers, scientists and educational experts.




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