Science and Technology Centre

This centre will reflect the advancements in science and technology, functioning as a science and technology museum as well as a place for conducting scientific experiments. The centre will highlight the history of the growth of science and technology using still models, charts, fun centres, workshops, video film display centres and so on. It will consist of a permanent film division, mobile exhibition kits, workshops, activity centres, etc.A construction division of models also will make a part of this centre. The centre will give due recognition to humanities as well. There will be a planetarium functioning as part of the Science & Technology Centre. Our dream is that the Labour India Educational Research Centre should also develop into a Community Development Centre. The centre is expected to become a functioning cultural centre incorporating education, science and technology capabilities as well as information technology. The centre will take up all the activities required to achieve that aim. It is expected to become a research, information and training centre of the global standards. We hope it will be a Modern Temple of Learning transmitting knowledge far and wide.


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