Traditional form of education with all its benefits does have a major drawback. It is rather slow in absorbing the important changes that occur all around. As a result textbooks contain no current developments in their respective fields. Students from such an atmosphere are seriously handicapped vis--vis their international counterparts. Why should our students lag behind for this reason? We, in Labour India, focus on fulfilling this urgent and vital need of the students and educationalists alike. Our magazines are updated every month with the latest advancements in the related field. Furthermore, we prepare our magazines in such a manner that the syllabus to be followed for the month is comprehensively adhered to. Labour India magazines are, therefore, monthly treasure troves of information showcasing the latest happenings the world over in the enchanting fields of Science, Commerce, Humanities and so on, in order to better equip the students in a more wholesome manner. However, that does not mean that we just focus on spoon-feeding knowledge. Our thrust is more towards making the students think, and better still - raise questions; for questions are a sign of a thinking mind. We have always encouraged a holy curiosity, for all that humanity has ever achieved can be attributed to it. Moreover, we make the process thoroughly enjoyable. Now with Labour India at their side, our students do have a competitive edge and can thus meet international standards.


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