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Nowadays our educational scenario is on the verge of rapid development and growth. LIERC is fully conscious that the essence of education is the moulding of every student into a worthy citizen by discovering and developing the latent talents in them. LIERC is obliged to equip the students helping them to meet all the challenges of the rapidly changing world. Keeping pace with such changes, LIERC has planned Smart Camps for school children to satisfy their needs.                                                                                         More...

Teacher Training Centre

The accomplishment of the reforms and developments in the field of education necessitates the training and enlightening of our teachers and updating them on the latest trends in the field. This should be a continuous process that will enable them to keep pace with the changes in the objectives, curriculum, evaluation and so on, and to give the right kind of guidance to the students in the most effective way. They must obtain the ‘Communication ability’ to interact with the students effectively. They must be able to enjoy the mission they have taken up and must be aware of the ever - expanding horizon of information and knowledge that lie ahead. We hope the proposed training centre would equip our teachers with all the above requirements and much more as occasions demand.

Books for general and supplementary reading

Even in comparatively good schools, and in financially strong homes, there are not enough good books for reading. It is quite necessary that every school must have an open library containing enough books for supplementary reading. In the same way, every home must have its small library. The Research Centre proposes to provide the required kind of books for supplementary reading.

Multimedia Education Development Centre
We have already an ultra-modern multimedia studio functioning in the Labour India Campus. The Labour India - fame visual travelogue ‘Sancharam’,which is telecast by Asianet Channel every week, is produced in our studio.
A special wing is functioning under this Dept. for the development of multimedia educational CD ROMs. This division develops curriculum based and general educational CDs for the students and other knowledge- thirsty people.

Computerised Library & Information Bank

This would be an information house where one can obtain the latest information. This library, with its fully computerised section, information bank and internet facilities will be a centre for providing service to the experts in Labour India, the teachers, students and the public in general.

On-line Information Service

Students (as well as teachers) ought to advance in studies by asking questions and discovering their solutions. Labour India On-line Information Service is a centre where teachers and students can have their doubts clarified. It will be a 24- hour knowledge disseminating service centre which provides authoritative answers to the customer’s queries.



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